The 10 worst styles of 2011

The worst styles of 2011, to avoid in 2012!

The 10 worst styles of 2011
2011 introduced us to the reinvention of the maxi, made faux fur fun and teased our tresses into elegant disarray. But there were some primary style trends that we wish we’d never met…
An ill-fitting, unflattering leggings/skinny jean hybrid that should come with a ‘Style Hazard’ symbol attached.
Only suitable for ladies with lithe thighs, endless legs and pert bottoms, shorts were never going to be a short cut to summer style success. Worse still, the Jantie: an extremely tight-fitting cross between jeans and panties that show off way too much in the worst possible taste.
Jumpsuits, playsuits and rompers
…should only be worn on a mission to Mars, in kindergarten class or in the nursery, by the people these one-piece aberrations were originally designed for.
A visual lesson in how to turn your legs into tree trunks in one shuffling, clumsy step.
Nude/American tan tights
If you wanted shop dummy-style nylon-sheened legs that looked like they’ve been painted with dishwater, your dream came true in 2011.
Glittery/printed tights
The polar opposite of the above, guaranteed to make your legs look 10 times fatter than they are while clashing with everything else you’ve got on.
Harem pants
Sorry girls, but you look like you’re wearing a nappy.
Men sporting ‘ironic’ handlebar moustaches
This look only worked for Tom Selleck. End of story.
Sandal/shoe boots
…aka the ‘shoot’: Just. Plain. Weird
‘That’ hat
She’s loaded, she has an army of stylists waiting to dress her and she knew the attention of the world’s media was all set to turn the spotlight on her. So how did Princess Beatrice – let alone Philip Treacy – go so badly wrong on Kate’n’Wills Big Day?


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