How your accessories can make or break your wardrobe...


Have you ever look at your outfits and thought ‘there’s something missing’. That great dress, those statement trousers and unique quirky top are not fulfilling their full potential? The simple solution to your problem is accessorising. Accessories can be overlooked but the truth of the matter is they can make or break your entire outfit. With so many great accessories out there at affordable prices, it has never been easier to complete your wardrobe.

You may have just been on that fabulous shopping spree and have all the trends nailed, but are they perfected? Accessories make all the difference. From earrings to bags, rings to shoes, it’s important to balance out clothes with the right accessories. And the best part is they are easy to find and a fantastic way to insert your individuality. Expressing your style credentials has never been easier and they can play a huge part in adapting your look...

When adding accessories, it’s important to think about what sort of look you want to go for. Some cool leather trousers and a crisp white shirt are just calling out for some rock chick accessories. But remember, you can go overboard. With those rock chick accessories, less is more! You’re going for style, not scary punk! 

Investing a few yet timeless pieces is the best way to update your look without shedding out the cash or going overboard. Accessorising is all about balance. Creating a theme and sticking to it. You don’t go to watch a film and find it’s a hybrid of genres. One or two key elements is all you need. And this theme can be anything! A texture, certain type of pattern, colour or even decade through time can all be inspiration when thinking about accessorising...



There are those shoe lovers out there who have hundreds and know exactly when and where they are going to where them, but for everyone else, shoes are simply there to stop your feet getting wet and muddy! Shoes can also be expensive and you’re very much paying for what you’re getting with a cheap pair so it’s important to remember that with shoes, it’s best to invest! Think about your wardrobe. What do you wear and what shoes will match. Every woman’s wardrobe should have at least one pair of pumps, brogues, ankle boots and knee high boots that are classic in style to last you for years. Just think how much better your outfit will look with a pair of amazing quality leather boots than with your grubby old trainers...



Using belts properly can give you the perfect silhouette to suit your shape. Thick waist belts snitch in the waist creating an hourglass figure whilst the decorative clasp can add glamour to your look. In contrast, a quirky skinny belt in bright hues and designs with add some sass. And it needn’t stop at just the style factor. A normal leather belt is a classic piece that can turn the drab t-shirt and jeans combo into something more worthwhile. With an endless amount of styles, the belt isn’t just there to keep your trousers up. It has the ability to convey a whole spectrum of messages at the drop of a hat. Greek goddess style clasps can be teamed perfectly with floaty dresses. Flying eagle buckles add the edge with your favourite band t-shirt. The possibilities are endless!



Jewelry has to be the easiest way of upping your style stakes. Affordable with instant impact, jewelry is the accessories choice that you can really splurge on. If ever in any doubt, a statement necklace for striking outfit is the way to go! With high street stores such as Primark and Topshop, you can grab the latest accessories at ridiculously cheap prices. What’s more, there are a wealth of accessories to suit every single style. Strong geometric patterns or beading epitomise the tribal look whilst delicate chains and pearls can be teamed with your best floral numbers. The trick with jewelry is to focus on one style in one piece. Basically, you’re after one fabulous statement piece for the rest of the jewelry and your clothes to support. Necklaces are the typical choice, but earrings can also make a strong impact.



Sometimes a bag must simply serve its purpose. You can hardly carry a 1001 things in a gorgeous satchel whilst backpacking across Europe! But for the majority of the time, our bag is the one thing we carry around. But this doesn’t mean you have to substitute style over formality. We all like to be prepared and many of our bags can start to resemble something out of Mary Poppins! Getting increasing bigger to simply fit everything we could possibly need in. Yet, if you choose two or three simple yet stylish bags in different styles, they can be rotated to suit all your outfits and create an effortless look.



Scarves have really taken off. From shielding against the cold to a fully fledged style statement in their own right. This is the unexpected accessory that is sure to turn heads and are perfect for adding some unusual texture and patterns to your outfits. With the decorative array of prints, scarves are a simple way of adding instant style to your wardrobe.

We mentioned picking a focal point, a theme, a style that will take your outfits to the next level and finding the perfect balance within your accessories is a simple way of making your outfits complete. A bold necklace doesn’t need equally bold earrings, bracelets and rings. Less is more with accessories and discovering the perfect styles for you is all part of the fun!


Also remember to think of the occasion. Evening wear may require something less quirky and more classic whilst with your favourite jeans, you’re free to experiment. You don’t need an A List budget to get clued up on accessories. A clear head on your style, your existing wardrobe and key looks is all you need!

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