Hair extensions

Glue vs. clip ons. Who get’s your vote?

Hair extensions

Extensions are the key to a full healthy mane, but what should you consider before shedding out for some faux locks?

We can fake everything nowadays, from lashes to creating that hourglass figure. We adapt and change our looks at the drop of a hat, so what about investing in some luscious fake locks?

Emma Watson and Rooney Mara have both been spotted sporting extensions for their latest film roles and we have to say, we like! A far cry from Hermione Granger and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, hair extensions can transform your look and boost your confidence. Extensions act like wigs. You can get them in any colour, cut them to your preferred style, and suddenly, you’ve created your every own alter ego!

But is there anything we should consider before investing in some gorgeous faux locks?

That injection in confidence that comes with your extensions is fantastic, and they can be a saviour after  a bad cut. Your local hairdressers will already know how to style and put them in correctly whilst you be swishing and telling everyone “you’re worth it!”. However, like with everything, there are some bad experience out there. When extensions are bad, they’re REALLY bad! You can tell from a mile off the quality of your extensions and how well you’ve put them in. 



Glue in hair extensions can look more professional than clip ons, and come in a wide variety of style, but it is always best to have a professional put them in than going D.I.Y. Prices vary but you’re looking at between £200 to £400. The more you pay, the better the results. Think fake lashes but on your scalp! 

Do bear in mind, glue hair extensions aren’t for the long run. As your hair grows, the extensions will grow out with it and the glue can become all to visible. In terms of the way they look, they have one up on the clip ons, but you need to maintain them more.


Clip ons

The main problem with glue extensions is the damage it can do to your hair. Everyone wants the hair they see in that advert with Cheryl Cole, but can they be doing more harm than good?

Clip ons are more flexible than glue, as well as giving the same results. They remove easily for your hair with minimum damage to the roots leaving you able to easily adapt and change your style when you wish. Clip ons are ideal for glamourous volume as well as added length and look amazing worn down as well as in a slick and fabulous up-do.


Both clip ons and glue extensions give the same effect, that A-List thickness and if applied correctly, you won’t be able to tell the difference. However, one downside to the clip on’s is the added effort to take them out and put them back in again at the start of the end. However, glue does have the damage factor. Although, as long as you remove them properly with a hair bond remover (and NEVER tug), your hair should remain a damage-free zone.

In terms of costs, you get what you pay for and decent up-market extensions can be expensive but like all beauty products, it can be best to go for a more pricier option that is better quality and will last you longer in the long run.

When getting extensions, it’s important to treat it the same as your hair. Once put in, arrange a hairdressing appointment to get them appropriate style. Always remember to condition your extensions to keep them looking slick and healthy. For light and bleach coloured clip in extensions, special hair oils are great for retaining moisture and giving off that shine. For glue extensions, you only need a touch of conditioner on the ends, as the conditioner can work as a hair bond remover.

Whatever you decide to go for, extensions can make a fantastic difference to your self esteem and look!

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