Hair Trend- Wet look

The hair trend that embraces this damp weather!

Hair Trend- Wet look

For a so-called drought, we’re getting pretty damp! Storms, flood warnings, rain, rain and more rain is all we’ve seen for weeks now! But in terms of fashion trends, this is actually want your hair wants! The wet look has been influential on the catwalks for months, now the trend has hit the street and we love it.

The wet look is so easy to achieve! End up plodding into work, soaked through with rat-tails? No worries! Simply comb your hair back into a slick pony or crop and you’ve gone from miserable and messy to stylish and professional in seconds! 

There may have been sport couture, floral and floaty and tribal chic across the runways this spring, but they all had the same thoughts from the head up. Maintaining the ultra cool and modern chic style, the wet look completes every trend out there this spring whilst looking effortless and striking. An easy way to add vital style points to your look. Yes, the wet look is the way to effortless style, but you must remember, every style needs a level of maintenance. It just so happens this one is incredibly low...but still there...

The wet look can be achieved with many products you probably have lying at the back of your beauty cupboard/drawer/shelf. Oils and gels are the name of the game whilst investing in a decent sea-salt spray will have the wet look in the bag, and here’s how to nail it:

The whole hog

This look was prominent in Alexander Wang’s collections. The wet look from root to tip. For the fashion-forward fashionistas, this is your style for you. This style works on any length of hair from crops to super long locks and is the one that needs a lot of product. Argan oil is the top beauty product to use, but volumising mousse and wet look gels also work well. 

A great top tip. Men have been sporting the wet look for years! If you’re finding trouble finding the right gel/mousse/cream for you, head down the men’s haircare aisle for more choice and inspiration. 


The half and half

Gracing the catwalks of designers such as Victoria Beckham this season was the half wet/half dry mane. The roots are kept super slick with gel, combed back from the crown whilst the ends can be left product-free and frizz-filled (two words we never thought we’d be saying). This look is great for those with wavy or straight locks whereas curly will need a little straightening first. 

Whilst we said “product-free”, you can still experiment with texture. Try some sea-salt texturing spray to add some volume to the ends. The tips and bulk of the hair can be left completely product-free (great for when you’re late for that very important meeting) but don’t be afraid to add something extra. The weight of certain products can sink your hair down leaving it flat, so just remember to choose light mousses and volume building sprays to keep it high impact. 


The wet look process:

You’ve got the inspiration. You’ve got the products. Here’s how you do it...

After shampooing and conditioning your hair, comb it back from the crown and roughly blow-dry. 

Once it’s nearly dry, style. You might want to pin it up, or straighten. Remember heat protection spray!

Run the gel/cream/mousse through your scalp from front to back. Comb through to add texture.

For the whole hog wet look, continue applying  the product down to the roots.

Fix in place with a small amount of hair spray. 


The wet look is one of those styles we’ve been waiting our whole lives for! Easy, practical and ridiculously stylish! Perfectly slick to textural and wild, up high or down low, the wet look goes with any outfit in any possible situation.

Take a look at these top wet look styles on Elle and view the designers key wet hair looks on Vogue!

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