How to make the most out of the sales

The summer sales are in full swing, and here’s how to make the most out of them...

How to make the most out of the sales

There’s no shopaholic who can resist the ceremonious call of the sale advert. Shops brandishing red signage are just beckoning us to find some bargains. Yes, the low prices mean we can pick up some real deals, but it’s easy to splurge in the excitement...

When shopping in the sales, there are some do’s and don’ts. To reap the rewards of sale shopping without leaving your wallet empty and your wardrobe too full with unnecessary items, check out our guide to making the most out of the summer sales...


Make a list

What do you actually need or what have you been looking out for? Making a list before you set out will subdue the impulse buying and keep you focused. It can be all too easy to pick up items that are cheap, but always remember to consider whether you would pay for it full priced. If you wouldn’t, chances are you won’t use it or need it. 


Set yourself a budget

Without a budget, your sale shopping is going to get a bit wild! There’s no point buying something because you think it’s a bargain when you’re not going to use it. The list helps your mind focus on what you should be looking out for whilst the budget stops you splurging on a 101 irrelevant items. 


Plan your sale shopping outfit

Any savvy shopper knows when heading out on a shopping spree, you need a simple yet stylish outfit. Changing rooms can be hell during the sale period and some shops don’t offer full refunds if you were to change your mind so wear a thin vest underneath your clothes that means you can try items on quickly if the queue is too long. Your comfy jeans are a great option on the bottom half with easy footwear you can slip on and off.


Choose your company wisely

If you prefer shopping alone, by all means, shop alone. But us at A Brand New You like a second (and sometimes even third) opinion so choose your company wisely. Mums and sisters are great as they know you well enough to know exactly what you like whilst giving honest and frank opinions on anything you wish to try on. It also makes your sale experience more efficient. You can look for items they’d like whilst they will be picking up items for you too! If your mum or sister is not an option, take a group of close friend who LIKE shopping. It’s no good taking the boyfriend or that rare breed of girlfriend who can’t stand the shops and crowds. All they’ll want to do is go home...


Be in the know

Be sure to ask the sales assistant about the store’s refund policy. It changes from store to store, especially in the sales, and something that you plan to try on when you get home with a particular outfit might not be returnable. The fact is not offering a refund is in the store’s right and it doesn’t affect your sanitary rights so be in the know.


Arrive early

Chances are you’re going to be heading into town on a weekend and this means crowds! So plan to get there early. Yes, you’ll miss out on a lie-in, but there’s always Sunday for that! Arriving early means you’ll not only get the pick of the best stock but it will be less frantic resulting in an overall calmer sale shopping experience. Heading there on opening times also means there’s a good chance you’ll be done by lunch so you can go for a bite to eat whilst the rest of the world zooms around fining the best deals you already nabbed. 


Try the web

We love to try our items on but if you see something that isn’t in your size yet you absolutely adore, check online! Shops have all their stock and more on their websites and they might have plenty of sizes as well! Again, do check the returns policy on sale items, but many stores do offer a refund if you buy online. There’s usually a delivery charge, but if you’re getting a few items, all at amazing prices anyway, then it’s well worth it. 


Sale shopping is great and you can find some fantastic bargains. However, if you don’t have a clear plan of what you’re looking for you can end up with a mountain of garments and accessories that you wonder “why did I get that again?”. For impulse shoppers, the sales can be scary business. The no refund policy in many shops means you can’t exchange or get your money back when you get home and see sense again! And remember, it’s only a bargain if you need it!!

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