Summer fashion trends to avoid...

We’ve explored and reviewed at the best. Now to take a look at the nasties...

We love looking at the brand new fashion trends here at A Brand New You. Flicking through magazines, browsing on our lunch breaks and clicking ‘Confirm Order’ on our favourite high street websites, but fashion isn’t always so attractive. In fact, every season there are a number of styles that leave us wondering “what on earth were they thinking?!”. Here are just some of them...


The worst for women

Pyjama suits

We love playsuits! Worn with tights, they’re a great winter outfit whilst teaming with wedges and a thin cardigan transports it into the summer months, however the jumpsuits are less to be desired! Head to toe in print is a nightmare and what’s more, the pyjama style has come into play. Pyjamas are built for comfort, and this is a great theory to bring this onto the catwalks and high street, but pyjamas are also shapeless and baggy. They will add pounds to your frame whilst making you look like, well, you’re wearing your pyjamas!



We’re not saying crops are a bad trend. They look great on the size zero models with 4% body fat, but on us normal women that come in all shapes and sizes? An extremely difficult trend! 

However, there is a way to sport a crop without the midriff worry and washboard stomach. High-waisted bottoms (from skirts to trouser) can be sported with a crop top, but this is (again) a very difficult look to pull off. The easiest option? Steer clear!


The 20’s

Tea dresses and cute patterns are fabulous and we never want this trend to end. We’e talking about 1920’s glamour. The Great Gatsby is set to be an amazing film from director Baz Luhrmann, but the fashion is less to be desired. The typical style of a flapper dress is shapeless with only those tall and slim able to do it justice. What’s more the delicate fabrics and embellishment used makes it ten times harder to wash! There are going to be 1920’s styles and shapes out there that suit various different silhouettes but remember to give the traditional flapper dress a wide berth.


Heeled trainers

Like the pyjama suits, the point of a trainer is to be comfortable. Makes such as Converse and Vans have propelled trainers into style stardom...and they’re flat! Trainers don’t need a heel and what’s more, many of the styles look plain wrong. Sport Luxe has been a popular trend this spring/summer and we understand the need for a heel on the catwalks, but in our lives? No thanks!


The sheer revolution

Everywhere we turn, there are items that are completely see through! Leaving very little to the imagination, these completely sheer outfits are a big no-no. But you can dress sheer without feeling naked! This skirt from Topshop shows how you can pull off sheer without exposing your entire body!


The worst for men



Otherwise known as the Man Uggs. Barely acceptable on females, men have taken to the trend too. An ugly shoe that should only be worn when chilly, Uggs are popular in the winter months and comfy slipper to boot. However, men should steer clear of this boot. Extremely difficult to pull off (for any gender!), guys, stick to the various other winter boot on offer...



A well-fitted summer vest is a great staple piece in any man’s wardrobe for the summer months. At home on the beach or teamed with an open shirt, the vest serves its purpose. However, we’re talking about the various styles including thin slogan baring vests with gapping arm holes and even the impromptu sighting of the CROPPED vest. Even the likes of Chris Hemsworth and Ryan Gosling can’t pull off these troublesome tops. Stick to the well-fitted vest and t-shirts fellas...


You might not be rushing out for these this weekend, but what about rocking some neon or getting patriotic with some ‘Cool Britannia’ accessories? Our fashion section has all bases covered.

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