Top five treatments to treat yourself

We’re talking pamper pamper pamper!

Top five treatments to treat yourself

Here are the top five treatments at the moment for every budget!


The at-home face mask

This is the cheapest (and funnest) treatment we know! All you need is to raid your kitchen cupboards and voila, you’re ready to go! The great thing is there are specific ingredients for to suit your own skin types so you could make a mask to genuinely benefit you or just have a laugh experimenting with everyday food and sauces. Try holding a girly evening getting all your pals to bring a couple of ingredients to use. Just don’t forget the cucumber!

Check out these 25 recipes and information on what’s best for your skin type:


Nail art

Accessorising your hands to the max is big news. Head to your local nail bar and get the full works! Start with a massage to really unwind then pick your favourite style. Nail art generally starts at around £10 with simpler styles like stripes and Chanel tips costing less. Or try it at home! Hold a nail art evening where you can do each others. It’s always tricky painting your writing hand anyways...

Top tip: After painting your nails, wait until they’re dried fully then to get off any varnish from your hands, do the washing up! The washing liquid will remove all access varnish from your skin.


Facial massages

Facial massages work by smoothing out the muscles in your face resulting in beautifully polished skin as well as A-List relaxation, and most conveniently timed to fit in your lunch hour! Using special oils and lotions to suit your skin type, face massages work in sweeping motions combined with movement on pressure points across your face and neck releasing the tension.

Pop into your local beauty salon for more information.



Quite a mouthful! Microdermabrasion is a mechanical exfoliation that works by blowing crystals along the surface of your skin at high speeds to help remove dead cells and scrub away the tired outer layers of your skin. Skin has a natural ability to regenerate and with stars like Mila Kunis using this treatment before their red carpet close-ups, you know it’s a treatment that works. Microdermabrasion isn’t painful but those with sensitive skin will look slightly red afterwards...

Microdermabrasion starts at around £90...


The hot stone massage

This massage works by placing heated stone across the body whilst massaging other parts. The stones (heated at around 120 degrees) relax and warm up tight muscles so the therapist can work more deeply. Perfect to relive the stress of the working day!

A hot-stone massage is not suitable for those with diabetes, high blood pressure or heart disease amongst other factors so remember to double check before you book. Massages start at around £40. Visit your local salon for more information.

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