How to get headhunted

and how to stand out from the crowd...

How to get headhunted

Who are headhunters?

Headhunters are responsible for contacting potential employers on your behalf as well as discovering the possible missing link to another business that could be you! Headhunters work at finding the right person for the job and in turn promote you and what you can do to the fullest. 

A headhunter’s role involves liaising between you and your potential employers and providing all the correct information so you and the company involved can make the right decision.

A headhunter allows you to control your own future and gives you the responsibility to increase your chances of success. Those companies with headhunters at the realm often keep the going ons fairly secretive as alerting fellow colleagues, competitors and shareholders can result in the whole scheme falling through.

Those candidates who are headhunted are hand-picked from a lot of cost, time and effort so getting that far puts you in a great position for a new career. Different to employment agencies, headhunting is often under the radar, never advertised and can crop up when you least expect it. 


What does this mean? Put simply, optimising the headhunter to the fullest will stand you in good stead of getting the job of your dreams!


How to maximise your chances

The best way to get yourself headhunted is making contacts and a strong social and business network. Gaining and maintaining that great reputation has never been so important. From leaving existing jobs in a professional and friendly way to grabbing free work and internships whenever you can, this means you will be at the forefront of your current and previous employers mind.

Keeping in loose contact is a great way to show those who matter that yes, you do still exist, whilst attending out of hours conferences, meetings and events is a great way to mingle and stay ahead of the pack. 

It’s important not to burn any bridges, no matter the circumstances. Being professional and charismatic is the aim of the game! With any unsuccessful interviews and liaisons, you must remember to thank and ask feedback if you’re unsure on why.

The more your face is recognised, the more likely you are to be recruited down the line.


The top tips to being headhunted

Get exposure- Everyone should have a LinkedIn profile that gets yourself and CV out there for all to see. Listing your skills and achievement to everyone can put you in the right place at the right time.

Be charismatic- If you’re in a role that you don’t necessarily enjoy or have got everything you possibly can out of it, continue to do a sterling job. In addition, handing in your notice once you have a better role yet slacking off in the final week is only going to leave you in a negative light.

Build up that network- Ask for reference whenever you can, add any contact on LinkedIn and make an effort. All these little things go a long way.

Build relationships- Find out what they’re like as people rather than another link in a chain. Getting to know their dislikes and likes puts you in good stead for being remembered.


If you’re thinking of signing up to a headhunting agencies, pick and stick to one. Agencies prefer an intimate approach with all of their clients and if you’re sharing yourself across too many, this will leave you missing out on top roles. Always be clear and ambitious on your intentions. Headhunters are all about finding the cream of the crop so not having a clear plan or pondering about any ideas will leave you falling behind...

All of this secures your own future in terms of increasing your ability to sell yourself and gaining experience in any potential jobs that head your way. And the headhunter? They are there to help along with the process, from getting the role to hearing that you’ve settled once in the position. A strong relationship with the headhunter will lead you to a career you love.

To get headhunted, there are many services out there. Eagle Headhunters specialising in placing all sorts of professionals in the correct place from their key skills and personality to find the right person for that company.

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