Pinkberry: The celebrity desert craze!

And it’s completely guilt-free...

The celebrity desert craze!

We speak about food a lot here at A Brand New You. What’s good for you, what isn’t. Our vices and dieting triumphs. But what mainly occupies our food conscious minds come mealtime is snacking and how to get your fill of the sweet things...without the guilt. We’ve tried the latest snacks out there to help curb afternoon hunger in the healthy way, but we have yet to find a delicious desert we can rely on. Celebrities look fabulous and all we want to know is how on earth do they do it?


Want to know the secret?


Launched in Hollywood back in 2005 was Pinkberry. A humble frozen yoghurt brand made from high-quality and super fresh ingredients with one aim; to make utterly delicious guilt-free desert. Seven years on and Pinkberry have gone from strength to strength setting up shops all across the globe, including here in the UK.

But why is Pinkberry so good for you? We mentioned the high-quality ingredients, but what are they made from? All the yoghurt is made from premium non fat milk with naturally sourced flavourings. The toppings include juicy and mouthwatering fruit like berries, pineapple and banana to biscuit goodness such as waffles and health bars so whether it’s crunch or tang you like with your yoghurt, all bases are covered. Each small Original pot of Pinkberry is just 150 calories so it’s no surprise they have created quite a hub amongst celebrities such as David Beckham, Lady Gaga and Kim Kardashian. 

Unlike the frozen yoghurts you have had before this is a brand committed to giving you the perfect Pinkberry experience and now there’s a new flavour to tantalize your taste buds...

The limited edition Salted Caramel flavour joins the seven originals in a bid to fulfil your sweet tooth requirements. Surrender to the Swirly Goodness and satisfy your needs for all things sweet with this new delicious flavour. The latest must-try in the culinary world with the likes of Nigella, Heston Blumenthal and Gordan Ramsey all taking their hats off to this new sweet yet salty treat. Perfect for summer indulgence. 

The Salted Caramel flavour has got to be tried but what are those illusive other seven? Choose from these refreshing flavours including Original, Pomegranate, Watermelon, Coconut, Chocolate and Mango before reaching the difficult decision of what one from thirty toppings you wish to complete your new favourite desert with... 


Is there anymore to this Pinkberry than the delicious yoghurt? 

It’s not just the yoghurt that has you feeling good. The creative flavours and toppings allow you to make the frozen yoghurt combination of your dreams in a fresh and beautiful setting with amazing customer service to boot. And with the latest guilt-free delicious treat cupped in your hands in seven different flavours with over triple the amount of toppings, you needn’t have the same desert twice! Perfect for vamping up the typical dull dieting regimes...

For LA to london, take a visit into Selfridges, Westfield Stratford or Bluewater in Kent and come out a Pinkberry convert! 

For more information visit the Pinkberry Facebook page. Pinkberry

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