5 ways you can get your confidence back...

We can all be crippled by self doubt, lack of confidence and stunned into fear every now and then, but does yours control your life?

5 ways you can get your confidence back...

When the line has been crossed, it can be difficult to get back to normality. You start to question everything and, as a result, never get anything done! Your mind debates between the pros and cons, often weighing towards the latter. From struggles at school and university to your career and home life, self doubt can plague your life significantly. Although everyone has their own individual levels of self doubt, it’s a very human feeling that is hard to control. Others around you seem confident and self-assured on the outside, but they might be feeling just the same as you. All this can affect your career, personal life and those close to you in a huge way.

Never fret! A Brand New You can always help! Eliminating your self doubt may not be possible, but you can considerably reduce it. Living life to the fullest should be your number one priority and we have five ways you can do it with ease...


Grab a hold of your self doubt and discover exactly where it’s come from. Chances are you developed a lack of confidence through a number of events throughout your life. Once you’ve recognised where the worries come from, you can go about changing your outlook. Do certain circumstances in your present life remind you too much of insecurities that triggered that lack of self belief? How can you go about adapting that? 

In many of us, it’s one-to-one interaction that makes us nervous. Gaining knowledge and confidence in speaking to others without the thoughts of “does she like me?” or “bet they think I sound stupid” will boost your courage and ability to succeed.


Defeat the doubtful thoughts

Like briefly mentioned above, it’s these thoughts that have been controlling your life. It’s this that can turn anything positive into a negative. For example, you’ve been invited out for drinks with work colleagues. The prospect with friends is a no-brainer. You go, and you have a fantastic time. But when having the same situation with a group you’re not too familiar with, many unnecessary thoughts race through your mind. 

The easiest way to eliminate these negative feelings is to focus your mind elsewhere. The thing that gets us so wound up is the over-thinking. Taking that out of the equation will settle your nerves. Another great tip is to ask questions. Be intuitive and smart, ask about their home life, hobbies, even what they think bout the top topical discussions and news stories. 


Call on your cheerleaders

By this, we don’t mean your own personal cheerleading squad built for your every occasion! Although we wish we did have! We mean your friends and family. Our loved ones are an uncompromising force against self doubt. Those close to us love the good, the bad and the ugly. They will give you a a sound and realistic outlook of who you are. Whether it’s in relationships, work or money troubles. Your friends and family will be there to reflect back a different and real response about your worries. Plus, you’ll realise how many great people you have already in your life!


Remember to dream

This may seem like a cheesy concept but in actual fact your dreams say a lot about your fears. We can’t control what we dream about, and don’t even remember most, but if you’re dreaming in the right way you can reduce stress, fear and doubt. To help your dreams along, always be 100% confident in the choices you make and will have to make, make sure you’re getting enough sleep and embrace any challenges that head your way. 


Celebrate the good

Every success is a great achievement. From getting that promotion to running half an hour longer at the gym, everything you do will should be celebrated. Take time to celebrate these achievements too. Simply accepting them and moving on is the reason you doubt yourself. You spend so much time of the negative yet don’t give yourself a pat on the back through all the good. Reward yourself with a delicious meal with friends, or take an hour out of your day to do exactly what you want to do. Taking time to celebrate your triumphs will cement them in your thoughts, banishing the negative feelings.


Self doubt often goes hand-in-hand with shyness. If you feel your shyness is closely linked with the feelings of self doubt and negativity, thinksimplenow.com have a great a article on where your shyness comes from and how to become more outgoing.

All these factors will help in building your self esteem and eliminating any negative thoughts. For more tips on a more liberated you, check out our on ways to build your self esteem.

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