Tarot cards

Can tarot cards predict the future?

Tarot cards

We hear about these readings that can predict the future but how much truth surrounds them? Are you going to make a fortune? Will you find the love of your life? How will it all end? And above everything else, do you really want to know anyway?

Part of life’s appeal is its unpredictability. You don’t know what’s around the corner and with some, this is exhilarating. However, there are a few of us that wouldn’t mind getting a heads up on life’s more pressing matters. We take a look at tarot cards. What are they, what the readings mean and do they even work...

The word ‘tarot’ originates from Italy under the names of Trionfi and later on, Tarocchi. The term ‘tarot’ is thought to have come about in the 16th century in France. Although many have tried, it seems the word ‘tarot’ doesn’t have any meaning.

The basic understanding of tarot cards is this. They are a set of cards used to suggest your future from events a week away to those throughout life. Not to be confused with the usual pack of playing cards, there are 78 cards in a set, all with various pictures and symbols meaning something different from the next. This set of 78 is divided into two; the major arcana and the minor arcana. 

The major arcana contains 22 cards that depict the main happenings in your life. In other words, the topics like death, temperance and the fool. The minor is based on a traditional set of playing cards. Including the remaining 52, they are set into four suits; wands, swords (spades), pentacles (disks) and cups (hearts). Similar again to the traditional playing card set, each suit is numbered from ace to ten with the final four cards in each suit acting as the ‘court cards’. These work out more of the details surrounding the cards from the major arcana.

There are many myths surrounding tarot cards. For example, you don’t have to be given a tarot card set to be able to use it and tarot cards can NOT predict the future but merely suggests what could happen. After all, the future is never set in stone. However, there are many elements you should be considering when getting a tarot reading or investing in your own set. For example, tarot cards are closely related to energy. You can begin to use your cards once working closely with your own energy. This may sound bizarre to those who can’t channel it, but like with anything, it’s easy when you know how. One great tip is to not allow anyone else to touch or handle your cards. Keep them in a clean and secure box or bag away from harm and as a card reader, you must accept responsibility for how the cards are dealt. 


Predicting the future

So as we mentioned, tarot cards SUGGEST the future but don’t strictly predict it. The way tarot card readers use the cards to predict the future in the combination of cards that were picked. You can’t suggest the future with just one tarot card, you must see them all before analysing. Tarot card readers say certain things are likely to happen and this is all down to the cards and the person’s energy. When your energies run in a particular direction, this give a clue to how events and situations will turn out. 


Why is there a fear surrounding tarot cards?

In television, film and media, tarot cards have a reputation. You often see or hear of the death card cropping up and the sense of panic it creates, however in reality they shouldn’t be feared at all.

For the death and devil card, their appearance is misleading. For example the death card is more about transformation than anyone (or yourself!) dying literally. It’s all about letting go of a certain aspect of your life and embracing a new one. This could be as simple as getting out of the dead-end job you hate or moving to new, greener pastures. In terms of the devil tarot card, this stems from the tarot reading’s association with the Catholic Church. This means, if you get the devil card, that something in your life needs a severe overview. This is all! And in terms of tarot reading being evil? This is down to the Catholic association again. Centuries ago, the Catholic Church wished to introduce a level of fear surrounding tarot cards to encourage the majority to steer clear. This is linked with its association with witches. Although the circumstances have changed in this day and age, the stimulus continue to stick, especially to subjects that are difficult to explain. Much of the fear can be generated by the reader themselves and if you ever get a tarot reader who seems a tad melodramatic then be wary of what they’re telling you. There are con artists out there, but that’s the same as with anything. As always, you should take situations in a mature manner and review the facts at hand.


Tarot cards and their readings can reveal patterns and give you confidence to continue striding down the right path, but beware and mentally prepare yourself for hearing something you don’t wish to hear. Tarot cards are all about energy, and whilst the cards give a good indication, your energy can change. Tarot cards and their readings aren’t about taking control of your life, you are the only one who can do that, but sometimes we just need that push in the right direction...

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