How to give your dog all the nutrition they need

Your dog is more than just a pet. At times of need they are a loyal companion and a valued part of the family so it’s so important to keep them healthy. Make sure they get a balanced diet full of the right nutrients to help give them the best and not break the bank.

Give them a healthy treat by adding an egg to their dinner. They’ll love the change and it’s full of protein meaning it gives a great boost to their digestion.

Add a splash of cod liver oil to their food to give their bones and joints some loving. It will also give them a shiny coat that feels smooth and looks great. The bowl will be licked clean in no time!

If you find after the oil they are suffering from doggie breath, add a sprinkle of dried parsley to homemade treats to help freshen breath and boost potassium levels.

As a nice healthy treat give your dog some slices of apple. Apples contain vitamin A and D, along with fibre. Don’t let them munch on the core though – the seeds contain cyanide, and whilst an accidental few won’t cause any detrimental effects, over time they could cause harm.

Rub some peanut butter inside a treat ball to keep them occupied. Peanuts are a great source of protein so this special treat is as good for them as it tastes!

Whilst you shouldn’t be giving your dog the finest cuts of meat every day, some lean meat is full of flavour and amino acids helping build a fit and strong dog. Look for cuts with no visible fat and don’t bother seasoning – your furry friend will be more than happy with the special meal.

When summer arrives give them an icy surprise with some chunks of frozen pineapple. Pineapple contains calcium and potassium and it’s a sweet treat they’ll love.

I’ve had no complaints from my two dogs; the peanut butter is a particular favourite!

If you have any concerns over your dog’s diet, talk to your vet about the best nutrients and foods they are found in.

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