Why pets make great companions

Pets can do more than give you company...

Why pets make great companions

Yes, pets provide a loving companion for you to dote over, love and cuddle to your heart’s content but they are so much more!

It has been proved that pets help us on four different levels; physical, socially, emotionally and cognitively. This means our pets benefit us from our health to our everyday lives. From obvious ways like guide dogs for the blind to the calming effect of petting, pets are the perfect way to melt our troubles away...

In terms of our health, those with pets have a lower risk of developing heart problems than those without. The Baker Medical Research Institute in Melbourne Australia concluded that pet owners from all backgrounds (including smoking habits, diet or family income and troubles) had not only lower blood pressure but a lower cholesterol level too.

It’s doesn’t stop there, take dogs. Dogs have an acute sense of smell with reports of pooches whining and barking when their owner is in distress and can even be trained to detect forms of cancer.

Their aid physically is undeniable, but what about the emotional connection? Petting our animals has been proven to help those with depression and can even be an affective form of therapy. With the unconditional love a pet can give and the calming effect of petting our animals helping us to relax and encourages the body to heal after illness. Some say the thought of nurturing an animal helps to focus the attention away from your troubles or illness providing your body with the recuperation it needed. 

There are obvious health benefits associated with animals. With dogs, it’s their daily walks. Not only does this provide you with exercise but also uplifts your mood. Pets prevent loneliness and add warmth to your home. We all become incredibly attached to our pets, regardless of what they are, and often talk to them and consider them a companion rather than something we own. All these factors help our mentality and therefore our bodies.

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