Top 10 activities for you and the family

Easter term is upon us and we need plenty of activities to entertain the little a reasonable cost...

Top 10 activities for you and the family

With the half term comes the dread of entertaining the family without burning a forest fire in your wallet. Prices trickle upwards and simple attractions can mount in price with unforeseen costs like the entrance fees, food, drink and trip to the gift shop. If you’re looking for innovative yet cheap ways to entertain the kids this Easter term, look no further! A Brand New You has 10 top activities you can do on a purse string budget...


The great outdoors

Spring is coming and so is the gorgeous sunny weather so make the most of it! Heading outdoors is the top way to keep the little ones preoccupied and happy, and it can cost as little as nothing! Exploring the surroundings with give them that all important exercise and the intrigue of discovery. Let them explore, climb trees and play in the mud. If there happens to be a lack of countryside around you, jus head to the local park. You can get to relax with an ice-cream whilst they play until they can play no longer. Another plus? They would have tired themselves out so much you’ll have no problems come bedtime...


The coast

There’s our great British countryside but what about heading to the coast? The beach is a fun-filled family day out that will have little effect to your cash conundrum. A good old fashioned kite will entertain up until lunch and why not pass down your experienced rock pooling knowledge. The kids get to learn and you can get involved.


Visit museums

Scared of the primitive view of boring cold institutions filled with crumbling relics and long-winded tours? Think again. British museums have been given a new leash of life. From art galleries to culture to history, your child will get inspired in something unusual and exciting through your local museums. Take for example London. It has over 240 museums all waiting for you to explore ranging in topics such as music, crime and even comic books. The UK’s most impressive museums are often free (the likes of the Tate Modern, the National History museum or the Science museum are just three) or the others have a small entry fee if anything at all with special rates for children and small groups.


Visit your local authority website

Your local council has an abundance of activities to keep even the pickiest little ones entertained. Local libraries organise special reading groups or your town hall could be arranging an arts and crafts day. Even your local leisure centre will have a wide range of sporting events and games to keep them fit and full of beans. Check out your local council’s website for more details.


Discount deals on the web

Amazing deals are now only a click away (and without the hassle). Simply fill out your email address and create a password to be liable for any offers that come your way. You can get amazing deals on restaurants, days out, the theatre and shopping vouchers. We love where you can download the vouchercloud app to your smart phone to get all the best deals in the palm of your hands. Perfect if you’re planning things on the move.


National Trust

You don’t have to wander around crumbling buildings and isolated grounds to be a member of the National Trust. The National Trust hold a wide spectrum of events and activities to tick everyone’s boxes. Cycling across the exciting off road tracks or head on one of their famed Easter trails around magical mazes and gardens...



Our National Cycle Network rivals no other. Explore the beautiful countryside whilst keeping the kids fit and active at the same time. Get them involved with planning the route, stop off at different locations along the way and enjoy the excitement when you find something you don’t expect...


Go back to basics

Whatever happened to board games? The kids may groan when you pull out the old classics so why not let them choose their own? Favourites to us, like Monopoly and Cluedo, have been updated to appeal to the younger generation so take advantage! Harry Potter, Dr Who and The Simpsons are just three that have been made into a game, and at reasonable prices. Or you could all get creative and make your own from scratch...


Head to the kitchen

Let’s face it, most kids love getting messy and baking is a great way to express your inner child as well as keeping them out of trouble. Grab those quick and easy baking kits or create of the king of cakes from scratch. And it doesn’t stop at cakes. Pizzas are a tasty and simple treat that involves the whole family. The kids can get creative whilst learning new skills.



There are so many great children films out there. Disney will always go down a treat, but why not introduce them to one of your old favourites, or take them to the shops to pick their own. When you return, you can all knock up some healthy snacks and create a comfy den of cushions and blankets, banishing that unfavourable weather. 


So there you have it! 10 great ways to keep the kids entertain and you calm during the Easter term. Your wallet will be barely touched and your sanity, well, that’s still in tack!

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