Top questions to ask when considering a new pet

Getting a pet is a big commitment...

Top questions to ask when considering a new pet

Whether it’s a dog or fish, you need to think carefully when considering getting a pet. 


Your home

Firstly, think about the personality of your house. Do you live by yourself or with flatmates? Do you have a family? If you have a loud and bubbly house with a decent amount of time on your hands, a dog could be perfect. Are you laid back and calm? Then a cat might be the answer. You also need to think about how often you are going to be at home. Dog’s require a certain level of TLC, walks and attention whereas a cat is more independent. If you have a family, you need to make sure you get a child-friendly pet that is suitable for your environment. Also take into account where do you live? If you have a flat, you may need to go for an indoor pet like a hamster or house rabbit...


Are you getting a pet for yourself?

Think about who you live with. If you have flatmates or live in a house share, you need to ask your housemates if they have any allergies or even mind if you do get a pet.



If you’re thinking of getting a dog or cat, they can last for up to 20 years. This is obviously more of a commitment. You need to think where you’re going to be in 20 years time and if you can look after it properly.


Average cost

What is the average cost of the pet you’re considering? A smaller pet like a rabbit or fish would be more cost effective. Or if you’re looking to get a dog, there are certain species that cost less to keep. Also, you need to think about vet costs. If your pet got sick, veterinary costs are steep. Would you be able to pay to look after your pet?


Noise factor

If you have young children, noise won’t be an issue! However, if you enjoy the quiet life, a sleepy pet like a cat or guinea pig would be good. Also remember animals like hamsters are nocturnal so if you’re keeping them in your room, it may disrupt your sleep.


We are a nation of animal lovers and investing in a pet can improve your life as well as theirs. All-in-all, you need to think of the animal and whether you can afford, with time and money, to look after it properly and what sort of life you can give it.