Top Five Holiday Essentials

If you’re jetting off to a warmer climate this summer, it’s time to stock up on holiday essentials. Packing the right items will help you look and feel great during your vacation, so take a peek at this handy check list:

Top Five Holiday Essentials

Sun cream

Whether you’re spending a fortnight in Spain or a week in Barbados, it’s essential to pack some sun cream. Continuous exposure to UV rays can be dangerous, so don’t leave your five-star hotel, luxury apartment, or cheap and cheerful caravan without protecting your skin. Sure, you probably want a tan, but you must respect the sun at all times, otherwise you might have to rely on skin rejuvenation treatments to get rid of age spots, fine lines and wrinkles.


A decent conditioner

Warm weather can dry out your locks, so always pack a hair conditioner that you know and love. Buy a travel-sized tube from a reputable store and keep it in your beauty bag – just in case. Humidity can really take its toll on your bouncy bob or sassy curls, so it’s worth being prepared for all conditions. Of course, most foreign countries supply a wide range of hair care products, but if you have a favourite brand – take it with you, just in case.


Mosquito repellent

If you’re going to a hot country, beware of mosquitos. These buzzing pests thrive in warm conditions, so take plenty of mosquito repellent with you. Apply it to exposed skin before going out and fumigate your living quarters regularly. Mosquitos are most active between dusk and dawn, but it’s important to protect your skin whenever possible by wearing long, loose clothes. Be aware that some mosquitos carry malaria (depending on your holiday destination), so visit a travel clinic for advice or find out more about this illness online.


A fan

Believe it or not, a handheld fan can be a lifesaver in warm weather. You can slip it into your handbag and use it when you’re feeling a little toasty – which could be all the time if you’re in a tropical climate. Air conditioning isn’t always available, so it’s worth being prepared for those sweltering conditions as a sweaty brow is far from attractive. If you’re going on a long trip, you could also freeze a bottle of water the night before and use it to cool you down the next day.


Bridget Jones knickers

Are you worried about your figure? If so, invest in a pair of Bridget Jones knickers. If you’ve not seen the film, these are pants that will pull in your tummy and are a must-have for anyone carrying a few extra pounds. They’ll help you look  and feel fabulous in that new holiday dress or tight shorts and are available from many high street stores. A good workout regime and liposuction can transform the way you look, but if you’ve run out of time – these are fabulous.


Get your suitcase in order and enjoy a holiday to remember this year.

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